Penguin Thoughts

This shall be a blog dedicated to the world around us. What in the world you may ask? Well, it will encompass the geopolitical structure of the world-how countries interact, how they look to improve their situation globally, and how global politics influences all walks of life. Of course, all of this has a tendency to be opinionated. Therefore, I shall present a separate section of my own opinion on the matter.

My name is Shivam Parti and I am a high school student who enjoys matters relating to political philosophy, sociology, international relations, global history and the like. I would like to explore my interest in these areas and provide an opportunity for both you-the reader- and of course, myself, to grow. Through this blog, I want to explore the complexities of our existence as the human of this planet. I want to present how our lives are interdependent, yet unique! I want to discuss the many facets of our lives and of people around us.

I have named the blog Penguin Thoughts because I am fascinated with Penguins. They are cool, they seem to appreciate life, they find warmth among their friends, and they may seem aloof and happy in their own world, and they may not realize but what matters to the human world will impact their existence!!

Join me every week on a new adventure!